Thursday, May 11, 2006

Feel Guilty in the Morning

One of my all-time favourite comic strips is For Better or For Worse, which I have been reading since before my eldest was born, way back in 1985! I love it so well I have the strip Bloglined. I love Lynn Johnston's sense of humour, I love her drawings, I love the way she has let everybody age naturally. When I started reading, Ellie, the main character, was a young mother. Now she's a grandmother. The characters in this panel are her son Michael and his wife, Deanna. This one, published yesterday, seemed so apropos for this website, I just had to post it: Do you think there's anyone out there who hasn't ever had this moment, one way or another?


Blogger Peter said...

Those feeling always seem to evaporate with the sun for me. I will stay awake worrying, wake up and not remember why I had so much trouble sleeping.

5/11/2006 09:21:00 a.m.  
Blogger kittenpie said...

ha - it's totally true, kids are SOOO not convenient. (That should definitely be pointed out in all those high school sex-ed classes.) Good thing they are so fun and interesting.

5/11/2006 09:51:00 a.m.  
Blogger Juggling Mother said...

I have met mothers - usually with only one child, who have always wanted to be a "mother" and who delightedly gave up work the moment they found they were pregnant (or never worked), whose whole life revolves around their child - and I suspect that some of them never feel that way.


5/11/2006 10:29:00 a.m.  
Blogger Angela said...

I know that last week K's mom was feeling that way! K missed Wednesday school so I had her for 10 hours that day, then Thursday she missed school/daycare which cut out work hours for mom and then I wasn't available to help on Friday - meaning that she missed most of a week of work because K was sick, plus she had to pay me for extra hours. Hey, I don't mind - extra pay is always good!

5/11/2006 11:52:00 a.m.  
Anonymous MJH said...

Mrs Aginoth,I'll speak for the stay-at-home moms of one child. It's backwards for us. We feel guilty 'cause we're kind-of glad when the kid gets sick (but not too sick) and sleeps alot and hangs out on the couch all day. A sick kid is usually a very convenient break! Terrible, isn't it?

5/11/2006 01:24:00 p.m.  
Blogger So-Called Supermom said...

I have totally had moments like these!!! I stress about scheduling, working, home stuff, etc all night long and in the am, I grab my coffee and just deal with it! My daughter likes to cuddle when she is sick so in the end, I really dont mind a sick day here and there!!!

5/11/2006 01:51:00 p.m.  
Blogger L. said...

MJH, when I was working, I sometimes felt the same way -- my last job was at a very family-friendly company, and when I stayed home with a sick child, not only did I get nothing but sympathy and concern from my co-workers -- I got all kinds of stuff done around the house, too!

5/11/2006 05:58:00 p.m.  
Blogger Granny said...

I'm out of that particular rat race now but I sure remember it.

Love this comic strip. I used to read it every day but I've been forgetting.

5/11/2006 07:15:00 p.m.  
Blogger Mary P. said...

Peter: I worry in the night, too. Though I do remember what was bothering me, in the morning it all seems so much less worrisome!

Kittenpie: Yup. "Convenient" is not a word I'd apply to children! One of my step-kids had a sex ed class that involved them carrying around an egg for a week. They had to make it a bed, they were never allowed to go anywhere without it, unless they hired an "egg-sitter". A small step to indicate the mammoth undertaking - though the eggs didn't need to be fed three times a night!

MrsA: Maybe. Though I suspect that when you strive for one thing above all others (no matter what it be) your every small mis-step might be a cause for even greater anxiety than it would had you several different foci in your life.

Angela: Mothers would all be happier, I tell you, if they allowed themselves normal human emotions... Such guilt for what is really a perfectly rational response! (I said "they" because I was never one to get all angsty about this stuff. "Yes, I love you, but damn! this is inconvenient" didn't cause me a flutter.)

MJH: I remember that! Yes, you're absolutely right, and doesn't it make sense? I remember my mother (a SAHM) saying much the same thing: "It's the recovery that's the worst, when they're well enough to be demanding, but still too sick to do for themselves. When all they do is lay on the couch and mope, it's much easier!" (I never resented that, either. Made perfect sense to me!)

ScSM: A day off the wheel of the rat race is a nice thing, now and then. It's when the sick days "here and there" turn into two straight weeks that the crunch comes.

L: Wow. What a great company. I'll bet it must have been hard to leave!

Granny: I've read it for years. More than twenty, for sure. I don't know when she started, but I was reading almost from the begining, I'm sure.

5/12/2006 07:37:00 a.m.  
Blogger LoryKC said...

I saw this in the paper and related immediately, too! Thanks for posting it--I love this strip!

5/12/2006 03:17:00 p.m.  
Blogger Andie D. said...

I have had the same moments. I've also had moments where I stuffed my son full of Tylenol, patted him on the butt, and headed off to work. I'd used up my sick and vacation time by that point, and the hub was out of town. It sucked. A lot. Still feel guilty....

5/13/2006 09:54:00 a.m.  

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